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Primary 1
Primary 2


Myanmar Language Classes

Modules for Primary One and Two


Learners acquire the core skills to understand the nuances of the English language for developing effective communication skills. The broad framework of the curriculum encompasses the following components.


The curriculum is designed to nurture numeracy skills, logical thinking, critical problem solving and analytical reasoning with the help of mathematical learning tools. Broadly, the framework will include adequate knowledge of the following


This segment of the curriculum creates an inquiry based and experiential learning environment to pique the scientific curiosity of the learners about the world they live in. They are challenged to think critically, reason out the scientific processes and analyse the learning outcomes in order to make sense of the information in hand. Learners are motivated to continue building their scientific skills to keep in pace seamlessly with the rapid scientific advancement. The curriculum is presented as three main units namely Physical Science, Chemical Science and Natural Science.


The aim of teaching Myanmar language course is to enable the learners to improve both their ability to communicate and their linguistic competence in Myanmar and to transmit Myanmar traditional culture and values through the study of Myanmar language. A balance of receptive (listening, reading) and productive (speaking, writing) skills are developed through communicative classes. The courses will be conducted through flash cards, books, audio and video resources for the students to acquire four skills in Myanmar language.


The ability to communicate in multiple languages is becoming more and more important in the increasingly integrated global community and there are more people who willing to learn Mandarin as the Chinese is the most spoken language in the world. The lessons are structured to develop learners’ ability to listen, speak, read and write.

Social and Environmental Education: 

Creating a general awareness of the community and the world at large is the main focus of this branch of study. The study will include key areas like Climate change, Recycling, Water bodies, Neighborhood and Community workers, Animal and Plant kingdom, Cultural and traditional heritage of different countries. Audio visual presentations, oral discussions, student presentations and research assignments are some of the prime modes of teaching.

Moral Studies: 

Character building is an essential ingredient of this program. By simulating real life scenarios, sharing experiences of motivational speakers, students learn to demonstrate values that are bound to build soft skills like perseverance, integrity, courage and teamwork. Service and compassion for fellow beings and environment are an integral part of this course.

Art (Music and Dance): 

This enjoyable activity is a means of self-expression for the learners wherein they learn to coordinate and control their bodies to develop spatial awareness as well as deepen bonds with their peers. Concerts and stage events held from time to time shall form an outlet for our students.

Arts (Visual Arts): 

This field of study charts the path of discovery and promotes visual spatial intelligence for the learners. They select and use different working materials like brushes, origami and clay and create their own unique artistic styles.

Health and Physical Education: 

Training the students to lead a healthy lifestyle with adequate exercise and appropriate eating habits is the prime objective of this course. Students are trained in athletics, group games and relays by skilled professionals to enhance physical strength and stamina. Apart from providing the necessary sporting equipment and play areas, students are given opportunities to participate in carnival games and inter class sporting events to exhibit traits of sportsmanship, team spirit and leadership. Health education is delivered through monthly campaigns and applied to day to day life.

Teacher – Student Ratio
1:15 for Primary 1 and 2

Course Details
-Mode of Delivery (the manner in which every course will be taught)
Classroom teaching ( face -to face)
Computer Lab

The requirements for enrollment
7 years of age at time of registration for Primary 1 and
8 years of age at time of registration for Primary 2

Course Assessment
Oral Examination for English, Chinese and Myanmar language , Written Examinations , Class participation

Course Duration
9.5 months Full-Time courses from January to November of each calendar year (exclusive of holidays)

The commencement date of every course
2 or 3 January of each academic year

The end date of every course
November 3rd week of each academic year

The Progression Requirements
Pass Year -End examinations at Each Level

The terms or requirements of any industrial attachment
Not applicable

Course Fees
SGD 650